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Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Lewiston

From the moment your child’s first tooth erupts, our Lewiston dental team helps children maintain optimal oral health. Our dentist at Family Dental Care, Dr. Randy L. Sorensen, is dedicated to creating a relaxing atmosphere for our young patients. With a gentle approach to dentistry and a friendly staff committed to their patients, our dental office ensures children feel comfortable when receiving treatment. By building a relationship based on trust, our dentist encourages children to consistently care for their beautiful smiles well into adulthood.

Care for a Child’s Smile

When a child loses their first tooth, parents know that this is the first step to growing up. Dr. Sorensen uses the loss of a first tooth as a gateway to explain to children why it is important to care for their teeth as well as the proper techniques to do so. Our Lewiston dental team takes a proactive approach when it comes to maintaining your child’s smile. If any dental issues are present during a young patient’s examination, we address it before it requires complex solutions. Our staff also discusses how to prevent common oral concerns with effective at-home care.

Dr. Sorensen and his staff are committed to preserving your child’s natural smile. We like to educate young patients on preventative techniques, such as good eating habits and at-home care, they may maintain optimal oral health. Parents are advised to take an active role in their child’s dental care, offering words of encouragement to boost their confidence.

How We Treat Common Dental Concerns at Family Dental Care

Children who visit our Lewiston dental practice often are experiencing one of the following oral complications present:

Maintaining a healthy diet, by limiting the amount of high in sugar foods and beverages you consume helps prevent tooth decay. While simple carbohydrates are not the direct cause of decay, they fuel the bacteria that compromise teeth. Children with cavities require a filling. Dr. Sorensen calmly and thoroughly explains the necessity of the treatment. Parents should also help reassure their child about receiving a filling to keep them at ease. Building up a child’s confidence regarding their treatment helps minimize anxiety.

While it is commonly disregarded, bleeding and inflamed gums when performing your daily dental care is a sign of gum disease. If left unaddressed this oral concern can lead to tooth loss. Our dentist makes sure to check for periodontal disease during your child’s routine check-ups, ensuring our young patients maintain good oral health. Dr. Sorensen also shows your child how to effectively reverse gum disease, and provides insight on how to avoid the issue in the future.

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Dr. Sorensen takes a caring and gentle approach when treating children, making sure they understand what is going on with their dental care. At Family Dental Care, we create a relaxing environment for children so they may feel comfortable during their dental appointments. For more information on how we can help care for your child’s smile, contact our Lewiston practice today!